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CyberNite LLC

We are a Cyber Security company that has expanded into an All Round I.T. Technology company. To see what services that we offer please scroll down.

We found that there is a need for Cyber Security companies that can help with the Small to Medium Sized Businesses, also we found the need for Agro I.T. or I.T. services to rural America. We come to you or the nearest town and even provide remote services. 

COVID-19 Information

CyberNite LLC. provides services that support Critical Infrastructure.  Please contact us for support.

We can help businesses transition to employees working from home remotely.

Those services include but are not limited to the repair of Computer Systems for remote workers, Cyber Security Testing opertations that ensure the security of the business while operating remotely, SureCall Cellular Boosters that can provide the remote worker with the proper cellular signal in their home to be able to communicate.
For more information on COVID-19 please click the button below.

Cellular Booster Solutions

Cellular Phone not working where you want them to?  We have SureCall installers that can help you get the Cellular Coverage that you are looking for.  CyberNite is now an Authorized Dealer of SureCall products.

Cyber Security Services List

Information Security Audit

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Audit the policies and procedures that businesses are required to have for operation as it pertains to Information Technology.


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Testing the business information systems to find potental vulnerabilities.

Pentesting Anaylsis

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Analyzing Pentesting data to come up with corrective actions to the vulnerabilities that were found.

Network Security Consulting

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Make suggestions to fix Network vulnerabilities.

Computer Security Consulting

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Provide suggestions on the latest in security software to protect your systems and devices

Remote Security Services

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Provide Remote Security Deployment Service

I.T. Services Offered
(Local, Agro, and Rural)

Some rural people have to drive hours to get their computer systems fixed.  That could equate to days of down time.

That equates to days of loss of productivity on the ranches and farms.  We are bridging the GAP to provide onsite service to them.

I.T. Services (Local, Agro, and Rural)

Onsite Repair and Maintenance Service

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This service provides onsite service at certain times of the year or a total number per year.  Also it includes the Maintenance of the system at certain times per year.

Onsite Repair Service

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This service provides onsite services at a total number per year.

Loaner System Service

Quoted at time of repair

This will provide a Loaner system until your system is completely repaired. **While Supplies Last**

Remote Services

$50/hour per remote session

This service provides remote access to run software or to aid in the Customers Repair needs.

I.T. Services (Local, Agro, and Rural I.T. Services)


This service we come to you or your town and setup a temporary location to work on the Computer Systems. 

Service Contracts

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Contracts can help provide you a peace of mind knowing that your I.T. needs are taken care of.  

Network Consulting

We provide Network Consulting services.  We can troubleshoot your network to help in network optimization, and we can also install networks.
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Cyber Security Training

"The number 1 vulnerability in any network or system is the End User"

This makes end user recurring training very important to the Security of any network or system.  

We offer a customized training progam that businesses can use.

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Local to Cheyenne, WY

Local to Casper, WY


Phone: (307) 215-1159